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The too simple equation of serious games



Designing integrated learning games

The recent trend in favor of games used for serious purpose is based on an naïve position: because games are fun (played with intrinsic motivation), learners will be motivated if their learning content is transformed into a game. In reality, experimental research rarely proves that games are increasing learning efficiency. Yet, Serious Games sell! But our mission, as researchers, is to understand and discover the conditions in which games effectively promote learning.
From a theoretical point of view, we are analyzing what games are, and try to identifies locus of learning in the gaming activity. Our long term goal is to create a general method for making a game from a learning content, with a strong integration of this learning content into the game mechanics.
With phD students whom I am supervising, we are also tackling the follwing questions on games for learning:

  • Game and debriefing activities
  • Effect of multiple representations in games
  • Immersion vs distanciation
  • Integration of game tutorials




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