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In Visio
(now Daesign)

21, av François Favre
74000 Annecy

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In Visio (now Daesign) was a french multimedia and game company which produced and developed innovative high quality CD-ROMs for a large audience. A key project was an innovative adventure game whith autonomous, intelligent, emotional and social characters (not released).
My role int he company was to launch the R&D in the field of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence applied to intelligent characters. I designed an architecture for characters able to plan and react in a virtual environemnt. I was involved in the search for new ways of interaction between the player and his/her hero. I participated to the develpment of several demos. Finally, I investigated how narrative theories could help the design of an architecture that is both easy to program for a scenarist and highly expressive for the player.
   Intelligent characters
   From AI to narrative

   no published paper, sorry!

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