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The slogan of Personalization: "One size doesn't fit all"...


... but Personalization is not only marketing... It requires Technologies and a Ergonomics.



We have created a methodology to help companies and invented new usages of Personalization.

Personalization consists in delivering the right information and services to the right person via an automated process. The idea of personalization is similar to the concept of adaptive hypermedia except that it applies in the context of marketing. Personalisation cannot avoid studying the short term and long term relastionship between the customer (user) and the company (running the website).

Despite a wide usage of the term "personalization", especially around 2000, few websites have been using personalization, and often superficially and without creativity. Because personalization intricates technologies, marketing and ergonomics in a new way.

We deveopped a methodology to help companies implementing a personalization strategy with advanced technologies such as content analysis, usage analysis, collaborative filtering. This methodology has been applied to large businesses.

Also, some prototypes have been developed with innovative services. They demonstrate that personalization can go beyond the recommandation of items to buy, as made popular by

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