Nicolas Szilas Research -->  LINC Period 2004

Laboratoire d'INformatique et Communication

Iut de Montreuil
140, rue de la Nouvelle France
93100 Montreuil

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The LINC is a small research lab attached to the "IUT de Montreuil", focused on Computing and Communication. Interdisciplinary research happens there, on conversational agents, e-learning and adaptive hypertext.

Working on a project funded by the "Maison des Sciences de L'Homme de Paris Nord", I could develop my narrative engine on three axes:

  • The full development of an interactive scenario.
  • The search for relations between structural features of scenarios and the final Interactive Drama, in termes of interactivity and narrativity.
  • The use of conversational agents as characters in the drama, able to express proper emotions according to the current dramatic situation.


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