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" Stepping into the Interactive Drama "

N. Szilas
Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE)
Darmstadt (Germany)

June 2004


Achieving a successful Interactive Drama, where the user can act as
a character in the story, requires not only finding an algorithmic solution for
combining interactivity and narrativity, but also interfacing those algorithms
with the user. This paper focuses on the way the user can enter the actions of
the character she controls.
Three specific issues are discussed: the variety of choices proposed to the user, the need for the user to be able to anticipate her future possibilities for actions and the time necessary to enter the action.
This allows us to propose a taxonomy of different user interfaces, and to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of each category of interface. This should serve as a guideline to the design of user interfaces for Interactive Drama.

   From AI to narrative

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