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46, av Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble cedex

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ACROE is an association which conduct research in the field of computer science applied to artictic creation. ACROE was hosted by the LIFIA at the time I was there. It focuses on the use of Physical Models to simulate music instruments or other objects not only to create sounds and animated images but also to engage the performer in an interactive experience, a visual, auditory and haptic unique experience.
Within ACROE, I tackled a difficult issue:
    the Physical Models based analysis of music instruments,
with an original approach:
    mechanical networks endowed with neuron-like learning abilities.
Jumping back and forth from one field to the other (and from ACROE to the Neural Networks group at LIFIA...). I did my best to cross fertilize disciplines, providing learning to Physical Models networks and interactivity to Neural Networks.
   Recurrent nets
   Physical modeling


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